Prairie Dog & Burrowing Rodent Control

QDC Ranch Services specializes in providing our clients with prompt prairie dog and gopher control as well as other burrowing rodents. Since we own multiple PERC machines, we’re able to provide our services quickly and protect property owners from unsolicited pests who could cause damage to their land, vegetation or crops.

We work with rural, metropolitan, government, commercial and residential property owners.  We have treated subdivisions, developmental properties, government land and municipalities, golf courses and highways. In addition, we have treated ranches, vineyards, orchards, cemeteries, churches and of course, private, residential properties.

QDC Ranch Services uses environmentally safe, pressurized carbon monoxide to control destructive pests. Notably, we do not use poison baits or explosions.  This means we leave no residues or experience secondary kills.  No explosions mean no complaints from the neighbors or risk of fire.  You will not need to worry about unintended consequences from dealing with your prairie dog or burrowing rodent issues.

We are based in Eastern Colorado.  However, we travel all over the state and neighboring states.  Each job is evaluated based on size, infestations and proximity to other infestations.

Don’t suffer from a loss of vegetation or from damage to your ranch, farm, park, open space or development. Instead, let the experts at QDC Ranch Services tackle your prairie dog, gopher or other burrowing rodent issue for you.

If you have any general or specific questions, or you would like to discuss your specific needs, please contact us today.

(we have multiple machine so we can be in and out quick)


  • Burrowing rodents, prairie dogs, gophers, ground squirrels, moles and voles cause major damage to land. The cost of damage to ranches, farms and other properties can be huge.  Don’t wait to begin control.
  • We will be glad to evaluate, make recommendations and help you with your control program.

Pressurized Carbon Monoxide helps control destructive pests.

Environmentally Friendly !!!
No Poison Baits !!
No Explosions !!
No Secondary Kills!!!
Avoid toxic poisons

We will come to your home or ranch  or commercial property to control your prairie dog control problems or Burrowing rodents problems. .   

We are based in Eastern Colorado but will travel throughout Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and possibly beyond!!! Each job is evaluated  based on location, size, infestations, and proximity to other infestations.

Recent jobs include Gunnison, South Fork, Fort Collins, Denver, Castle Rock, Fire Stone, Pueblo, Fowler, Kiowa, Hotchkiss, Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Boulder, Deer Trail, Greeley, Longmont, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Calhan, Pueblo West, Black Forest, Douglass County, Boulder County, City of Frederick, City of Castle Rock,  Franktown, and Canyon. Texas