Moles and Voles Services

Moles are solitary creatures that live alone in the burrows they build. But don’t let that trick you into thinking that they can’t do some serious damage to your land if you’re not careful. Although moles are insectivores that mainly eat worms and grubs, they’re also known for uprooting plants and doing damage to crops. Voles, which are commonly called field mice, can also create problems for you and your land. QDC Ranch Services provides moles and vole control services in Colorado. We own PERC (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller) machines that are capable of delivering environmentally friendly rodent control solutions. You won’t have to worry about moles and voles taking over your land when you take advantage of our PERC rodent control services.

Mole and Vole Control Services in Colorado

One of the first things you’ll see when you have moles on your property are the mounds and raised burrow areas that they create. Outside of looking unsightly, these things can also do damage to landscaping and farming machinery. QDC Ranch Services can help them from popping up on your residential or commercial land by putting our carbon monoxide rodent control services to the test. While our environmentally friendly rodent control solutions don’t rely on poison baits or explosions, they are incredibly effective when it comes to eliminating moles and voles from the premises.

QDC Ranch Services has been supplying moles and vole control services to homeowners, business owners, farmers, government agencies, and more for years. Our tried-and-true PERC rodent control services will contain your mole and vole problem and make sure that it doesn’t spread to other parts of your land. It can be tough to treat land for moles and voles, but our carbon monoxide rodent control services can produce real results.

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