Ground Squirrels Services

Ground squirrels tend to live in colonies in burrow systems and can work their way through green surface foliage and other plants, making it essential that you’re proactive in getting rid of them. QDC Ranch Services offers ground squirrel control services in Colorado that will eliminate ground squirrels from your property through the use of PERC (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller) machines. Our PERC rodent control services eradicate ground squirrels without using poison baits and explosions and are known to be some of the most environmentally friendly pest and rodent control solutions around.

Ground Squirrel Rodent Control Services

Unlike other destructive pests, the good thing about ground squirrels is they hibernate for the majority of the winter. This limits some of the damage that they’re able to do, but they also rear their ugly heads from February straight through the summer and early fall and cause all sorts of issues for homeowners, business owners, farmers, landscapers, government agencies, and more. With our ground squirrel control services, QDC Ranch Services can stop ground squirrels in their tracks. Notably, we find the holes and burrows that ground squirrels are using and utilize carbon monoxide rodent control services to prevent them from continuing to wreak havoc on your land.

If you don’t do something quickly about a ground squirrel infestation, they will grow in numbers. Female ground squirrels typically give birth to one litter per year having anywhere from 4 to 10 ground squirrels. The Belding’s ground squirrel, in particular, can multiply at a high rate and leave you with more than 100 ground squirrels living within a single acre. The PERC rodent control services from QDC Ranch Services will help you avoid finding yourself in this scenario.

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