About Us

A question we’re often asked is “what does the QDC stand for in your name?” The QDC stands for “Quarter Circle D C,” which is the brand we used to identify our cattle and horses on our ranch. During the 25 years we ranched, we dealt with exterminating a large population of prairie dogs on our ranch and despite trying a wide variety of methods, we were never able to quell the problem.

After selling the ranch, we found the PERC machine advertised.  Intrigued we looked into the machine and how it worked.  We thought it looked like a great way to control prairie dogs.  We bought our first machine in 2009 and used it on our new property.  It worked great!  We then began offering this service to other property owners who were tired of fighting a losing battle in the effort to control their prairie dog population.  We found the PERC machine to be safe and easy to operate as well as very effective.

Our ranch was very special to us, and we chose QDC for our business name to represent our experiences on the ranch and our commitment to the land.  When we started our business in 2006, we wanted to offer our 25 years of experience owning and managing a large diverse ranch to anyone needing that kind of help.  From our own personal ranch experiences, we understand how important it is for land owners and communities to manage and protect their land, vegetation, crops and other investments.  Prairie dogs, gophers and other burrowing rodents became the primary issue that we have been asked to help with.

From the time we bought our first pressurized carbon monoxide machine, we knew we had the right system in place. It’s an efficient and highly effective system that takes care of the job and just as importantly, is environmentally safe, does not cause explosions, does not use poison baits that are marginally effective and can lead to secondary kills.

If you would like to learn more about our company or if you would like to schedule our services, please contact us today.