Prairie Dog Services

Are prairie dogs wreaking havoc on your residential or commercial property? They’ve been known to do irreparable damage to land and cost farmers and landscapers millions of dollars each year. Fortunately, QDC Ranch Services can help you minimize your prairie dog problem by providing you with prairie dog control services. We can minimize your prairie dogs by employing PERC (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller) machines that are designed to deliver the most environmentally friendly and effective rodent control. Our PERC rodent control services are the most surefire solutions for those who just can’t seem to escape their issues with prairie dogs.

Types of Prairie Dog Pests

There are three different species of prairie dogs located in Colorado at this time. Each of them can reproduce at least once every year with litters from 6 to 10.  Without control this results in exponential population growth. QDC Ranch Services can prevent this from happening by providing the best prairie dog control services in the area. We can pinpoint the source of your problem and use PERC rodent control services to minimize the impact prairie dogs have on your land. By using carbon monoxide rodent control services, we can minimize the prairie dog population on your property in the most effective way possible, without using poison baits or explosions.

Over the years, QDC Ranch Services has provided prairie dog control services in Colorado and many of the surrounding states to homeowners, business owners, farmers, government agencies, churches, and more. People know they can trust us to use our PERC rodent control services to control prairie dogs and other destructive pests.

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