Gophers Services

Every year, gophers do millions of dollars’ worth of damage to residential and commercial properties. Although gophers are solitary rodents that prefer not to interact with other gophers, it’s possible for gopher infestations to include more than 100 gophers living on just one acre of land. They can destroy and kill plants in the process and make it impossible for you to run a successful farm or keep your landscaping design intact.

Gopher Control Services

QDC Ranch Services provides gopher control services in Colorado and uses PERC (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller) machines to stop a small gopher problem from spiraling out of control. Gophers tend to engage in mound building during the spring and fall, but they don’t hibernate and stay active throughout the course of an entire year. It’s why it’s very important for you to call on a company like QDC Ranch Services at the first sign of trouble. We will stop a gopher infestation from taking place and we will keep your land safe in the process by utilizing environmentally friendly rodent control solutions that don’t rely on poison, traps or explosions. You won’t have to worry about gophers anymore thanks to our carbon monoxide rodent control services.

If you choose not to do anything about a gopher infestation, it’ll only be a matter of time before it comes back to bite you, as you may see the gopher population rapidly increase. In fact, a single gopher can give birth to three litters every year and produce anywhere from 2 to 6 pups in each one. We routinely work with homeowners, business owners, government agencies, churches, farmers, landscapers, and more and deliver the environmentally friendly rodent control services they need.

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